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The Smart Designer is now DesignSmart!

5 Reasons DesignSmart Stands Out

There are dozens of project management systems available for interior design firms and trying to figure out the differences between the various offerings is challenging and can take forever. To help save you hours of time and frustration, here are five facts about DesignSmart that will help you understand how it stands apart from the competition. 

Reason #1
DesignSmart Can Be Customized

DesignSmart is for firms that won’t settle for “one-size-fits-all” software because they need their project management software to work their way. Not all firms have DesignSmart customized at first, but as your  firm grows and your workflow processes change, it is good to know that your project management software can grow with you.

Reason #2
Commercial Grade

The average DesignSmart client has 9 designers, so over the years we have developed dozens of in-depth features that larger firms require and are not available in other project management systems.  Whether you are a new designer starting out, or with a large firm, these features can help your team operate more efficiently and profitably.

Reason #3
Works With QuickBooks

Ask any accountant and they will recommend that your firm use QuickBooks for many reasons, but most first firms are put off by the prospect of having to do dual entry.

Our QuickBooks Connector is a two-way connection that pushes data to QuickBooks and pulls data from Quickbooks resulting in the elimination of all dual entry and costly errors.

Reason #4
Software That Grows With You

Our optional modules allow you to start with just the core DesignSmart software you need today, then add modules as you grow. Ready to expand into hospitality? Need a way to manage inventory? Adding a retail component to your offerings? DesignSmart has optional modules for these and other focus areas.

Reason #5
We’ll Take A Load Off

Most designers spend the majority of their day doing non-design DRUDGE work like sourcing and purchasing. That’s crazy! Let the experienced design industry professionals at our sister company, Proxy Plus, together with an enhanced version of DesignSmart, relieve you of most of the busy work, so you can focus on being a designer and growing your business.