DesignSmart is A customizable project management platform for interior design firms

The DesignSmart platform includes the most comprehensive project management software available,
coupled with optional software modules and a variety of data entry and procurement services.

(Looking for The Smart Designer? We changed our name to DesignSmart!)

What Our Clients Say About DesignSmart

DesignSmart's Key Features

Works With The Apps You Love

DesignSmart works with the most popular apps so you can be as be as efficient as possible.

Show Images Your Way

The DesignSmart screen clipper makes it easy to grab images from vendor websites and add them to your design projects. Crop and annotate images within the program, then select from over 25 different page layout options.

Interactive Client Presentations

Quickly create presentations with cover pages, inspiration pages, floor plans, and mood boards. Show your presentation to your client in an interactive format so you can explain your design concepts, and they can make their selections in real-time. Their proposal is ready at the end of the presentation  and so is their online invoice for the required client deposit!

Loads of Proposal Formats

DesignSmart includes over one hundred proposal variations, so you will find proposal variations that work best for you. Have your branding standards for all client-facing documents?  No problem, we can customize DesignSmart documents to meet your needs.

Invoices and Online Payments

Send online payment links to your clients so they can pay their invoices online. And with DesignSmart’s PaySmart merchant account, you can easily add the processing fee to your pricing so your clients can enjoy accumulating credit card perks, and it doesn’t cost you a penny in merchant fees.

Purchase Orders Done Right

DesignSmart excels at purchasing. From making it easy to create purchase orders to approving purchase orders, to tracking the entire procurement process, DesignSmart has all the features you need to stay on top of your projects.

Specifications / Cut Sheets

Whether you call this document a specification, cut sheet, work order, or some other name, you’ll appreciate its versatility. Options allow you to determine whether it will include vendor and manufacturer information, pricing, PDF attachments, a cover page, a schedule, or a distribution page. You can even use this feature to create massive PDF documents for submittal, Installation Manuals, and Care and Use guides.

Reports and More Reports

DesignSmart includes dozens of reports that can be sorted by Area, Category or Vendor.  With the “Customized Excel Export” feature, you can choose what information is exported to Excel. 

Security and Control

DesignSmart includes over 25 different security and access control features that make it easy to control who has access to specific information and who can make data changes.