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The Smart Designer is now DesignSmart!

Optional Modules

Only Pay For What You Need

As your firm grows and your needs change, you can add optional modules to your DesignSmart system when you require them.

QuickBooks Connector

This is our most popular optional module as it eliminates dual entry. Data you enter in DesignSmart is pushed to QuickBooks. Data you enter in QuickBooks is pulled down to DesignSmart. It has all the functionality needed by our largest clients who have multiple dedicated purchasing staff.

This module works with QuickBooks Online and most versions of QuickBooks desktop. 

Inventory Module

The inventory module provides comprehensive inventory management features by utilizing bar code printing and various scanning technologies.

It is provided in three different levels.

  • Standard Level – For basic inventory requirements.
  • Retail Level – This level includes the “Standard Level” functionality, but also includes a mobile phone app for point-of-sale transactions and tracking inventory items loaned to clients.
  • Advanced Level – This level includes the “Retail Level” functionality, but also provides more specific location tracking. It also includes the ability to process stocking and pick-lists using mobile phone.

On Premises Hosting

Most DesignSmart clients enjoy the fact we host their DesignSmart data in the cloud so they don’t have to deal with the cost and hassle of maintaining their own server. For firms that prefer to host their data using their own server, we offer the option of hosting your DesignSmart data on premises.

Model Homes

The Model Homes module makes it easy to enter a price per square foot per model home in order to create budgets. And tracking those budgets is equally straigthforward.

Hospitality Module

This module was developed for commercial projects in which an item is specified once and then linked to multiple areas or guest rooms. You can define the project room matrix at any time. Quantities for items and their components are updated automatically based on the room matrix. Include distribution reports in the primary and/or component specification. Export a comprehensive Excel document listing all items in all areas.

Change Orders

Keeping track of all price changes during a project can be a headache.  Our “Change Orders” module eliminates all of those challenges by automating the process. Whether you change a price, add an item, or delete an item, your revised change order contract will show all of the changes that have occurred since the last approved change order and the resulting change in pricing.