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QuickBooks Desktop

QuickBooks Online versus Desktop

When design firm owners decide to move to QuickBooks, they have to decide which version of QuickBooks to use. There is an Online version, a desktop version called Premier, and another desktop version called Enterprise. Your initial reaction might be, “Online is always better, so why even consider the desktop options?” 

Well, it turns out that there are still good reasons for selecting a desktop version over the online version. In fact, since most of our design firm clients are large, the majority of them continue to use the desktop versions because they believe, adamantly in some cases, that the online version would not meet their needs.

Since this blog is limited to 200 words, we won’t be able to delve into the pros and cons of the various versions, but what we can do is suggest that owners consult with their accountants. They know your company best and will be qualified to make an informed recommendation. And if your firm isn’t to the point where work closely with an accountant, then the QuickBooks Online version will probably have everything you’ll need to grow your business.

And the good news is that DesignSmart works with all versions of QuickBooks (other than the Mac version).